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A Second Home


The purpose of Chestnut House Home Hospice:

What can we do for you? We will create happiness for those who want to be in the area, surrounded by familiar people. For human fulfillment, patients who don’t want to stay at home nor go to a facility, we provide in-house support for end-of-life care, and have created a supportive environment.

We provide around-the-clock 24 hour a day care, creating a home-like situation with a family atmosphere. In this way, life is experienced fully. In these cases, it is important to communicate total support from medical staff to not only the patient, but also family and friends.

In order to consider how best to live in these final weeks and days, for the families we have used the ideas from this book: (2012 companies Bookman Author Kazuhiro Nagao) "Top 10 Peaceful Deaths" We highly recommend this book for clients to read.

Also, we expect our staff to read (2012 Shunjusha edit Yonezawa / Dr. Ninosaka /Dr. Yamazaki Fumio). The book entitled, "Too Good to Die in the Hospital," is an important work which our staff must study. This book is key for establishing community care services. From the standpoint of home medical care (involvement of family and patients) experience from the past, has shown us that there is a strong need for professional community care, and it is for this reason that these books have been written.

"Ending Note" was written as a Financial Planner for all people that have interest in "Chestnut House." It was prepared in order to create life from your own ideas. (Author, Katsutoshi Izutani).

In other words, regardless of disabilities or other illness, and when the support of family is difficult, especially when people live alone, Chestnut House is a home hospice, designed for 5-6 people (communal life: a second family).
We work diligently with community care to provide professional medical care services.

Activities of the four staff directors:

We all have over 10 years’ experience doing work in this field.  In our past work and volunteer activities in professional organizations in the city of Hiroshima, including volunteer work at civic organizations, we have focused on hospice volunteer work.

 One director is a registered nurse; the other staff are qualified professional home care workers. All our staff have dedicated their lives to this work.



 We hope that 2013 is a good year for your all!

Maron House:

We offer home hospice  and palliative care and senior citizen care,  as well as care for disabled people.

We try to create a home-like atmosphere so guests can feel comfortable all the time.

We have three dogs who are part of our family and love people. Everyone love them, too!!!


Shirasago, Yuki, Saeki-ku
Hiroshima, Hiroshima 738-0512


24-2 Shirasago, Yuki, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima | 0809-86-0438

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